Third Ornithofestival in Tomislavgrad – Buško Blato
Third Ornithofestival in Tomislavgrad – Buško Blato

Third Ornithofestival in Tomislavgrad – Buško Blato

The Third Ornithofestival in Bosnia and Herzegovina was held in the Buško Blato near Tomislavgrad from 21st to 23rd November 2014. The Ornithofestival was attended by over 30 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Macedonia, and papers on various topics in the field of ecology and ornithology were presented. Separate workshops were dedicated to the issues of illegal hunting in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the importance of bosnian-herzegovinian karst poljes for developing birdwatching tourism, and the need to protect birds in the Adriatic Flyway as a precondition for sustainable tourism offer.

The Ornithofestival was organized by Association “Our Heritage” and Ornithological Society “Naše ptice”, in cooperation with EuroNatur (Germany) and Oxfam, sponsored by the MAVA Foundation, as a part of the „Identification and promotion of karst poljes of Bosnia and Herzegovina as wetlands of national and international importance” project, and supported by the Ministry of Science, Education, Culture and Sports of Herzeg-Bosnia County and Eco village Grabovica. The workshop on the need to protect birds in the Adriatic Flyway  was supported in the framework of the “ORNIBA – Bird Species Protection in Balkans: Joint Intervention by Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro” project, funded by the European Union under the IPA cross-border cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Signing the Memorandum on forming a platform for joint action in protection of bird species and their habitats ensures continuous operation of all parties in the field.

The Ornithofestival was completed by a tour of the Buško Lake and observing overflight of about 2500 Eurasian Cranes.


Text: Dražen Kotrošan

Photos: Dražen Kotrošan & Goran Topić

Translation: Nermina Sarajlić

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