Ornithofestival is a manifestation launched in 2012 by the Ornithological Society ”Naše ptice”, in order to promote protection of birds and their habitats, popularize birdwatching as a new tourist brand, promote the natural and cultural values ​​of areas of particular importance for birds in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Ornithofestival aims to bring together the ornithologists and ornithophiles from Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries, especially the ones from the Balkan region. The working part of the Ornithofestival is reserved for presenting the results of the research of bird fauna from the previous year, as well as examples of good practices in protection of birds and their habitats and development of birdwatching tourism. The promotions of publications and magazines, projections of documentaries and short tourist films also take place during the Ornithofestival. A special part of the Ornithofestival includes a tour of the cultural and natural sights of the host city.

The Ornithofestival is held every year in different city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and organized by Ornithological Society “Naše ptice” and one of the non-governmental organizations from the host city. At the end of the Festival, the representative of the host city gives the festival flag to the representative of the future city that will host the next Ornithofestival.

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