Earth Day marked by the exhibition
Earth Day marked by the exhibition

Earth Day marked by the exhibition

As the part of the celebration of the International Earth Day, the exhibition “Karst poljes – wetlands of national and international importance” was opened in premises of the future museum “Vjetrenica” in Ravno on 22nd April 2014. The exhibition was prepared by EuroNatur, National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Association “Our Heritage” and Ornithological Society “Naše ptice”, and previously set up in Tomislavgrad and Trebinje. The exhibition is a part of the project “Identification and Promotion of Karst Poljes in Bosnia – Herzegovina as Wetlands of National and International Importance“, which was jointly implemented by EuroNatur and Ornithological Society “Naše ptice” and funded by the MAVA Foundation.

Celebration of the Earth Day was organized by the Public Institution “Vjetrenica” in cooperation with the association “Lijepa naša” and with the support of Ravno Municipality. The representatives of the Institute for protection of cultural – historical heritage of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton have also participated in the program.


Text: Dražen Kotrošan

Translation: Nermina Sarajlić

Photographs: Ilhan Dervović

News editor: Asja Čorbo

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