Spring Alive workshop in the Elementary School “Džemaludin Čausević”
Spring Alive workshop in the Elementary School “Džemaludin Čausević”

The first workshop of the Spring Alive project was held in elementary school “Džemaludin Čausević” in Sarajevo on Tuesday, 22nd April 2014. The workshop was attended by the second and fourth grade students, who learned about the appearance, habits, vocalization and nutrition of five Spring Alive birds: Common Swift, Barn Swallow, White Stork, Cuckoo and Bee-eater. After the workshop, the students were assigned to prepare paintings and drawings of their thematic species – Barn Swallow – for the exhibition which will be organized at the end of the project. The workshop leaders were Nermina Sarajlić, Asja Čorbo and Selvir Džafić.

The Spring Alive campaign is organized by Bird Life International, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is coordinated by the Ornithological Society “Naše ptice”. This year the workshops will be realized in a number of cities, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations “Society for Research and Protection of Biodiversity” from Banja Luka, “EKO-Leonardo” from Priboj and “New Wave” from Blagaj.


Text: Nermina Sarajlić

Translation: Nermina Sarajlić

Photographs: Selvir Džafić

News editor: Asja Čorbo

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