Ornithological Society “Naše ptice”
Ornithological Society “Naše ptice”

Ornithological Society “Naše ptice” is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer organization founded in 2003 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, involved in the field of ornithology, ecology, bird ringing and protection and monitoring of birds and birds’ habitats. The Society and is strongly involved in projects which aim at raising general public awareness about bird protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The activities of the Society include the educational program, aiming at raising public awareness on the importance of protection of birds and their habitats, training birdwatchers and bird-scientist and practical ways of helping the birds; research and conservation program, which covers a variety of actions and projects for collecting data on areas of importance for birds in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the state of populations of rare and endangered species and phenomena that pose threat to the birds and their habitats; and publishing program, which is reflected in the fact that since 2005, the Society regularly publishes the “Bulletin of the Birdwatchers’ Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, but also a series of numerous educational materials, monographs and other publications within several projects.

A total of 340 bird species have been registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina to date, including several “new” species which were found in recent years, indicating that the importance of country for the birds, both resident and migratory, is huge, but its natural wealth is still insufficiently explored. Due to habitat destruction, poisoning and other human activities, some bird species such as Griffon Vulture, Great Bustard and Eurasian Crane have stopped breeding in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the past hundred years, causing a loss of significant portion of natural richness of the country. The protection of areas of international importance for birds contributes to the conservation of birds, which are the best indicator of the overall state of the environment, but also a great natural resource for the development of bird watching-based tourism.

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