Final event of Spring Alive project for Sarajevo
Final event of Spring Alive project for Sarajevo

The final event of Spring Alive project for the area of Sarajevo was organized on Thursday, 06.05.2014. in the courtyard of “Džemaludin Čausević” Elementary School. The event was hosted by members of Ornithological society „Naše ptice“: Asja Čorbo, Selvir Džafić, Dražen Kotrošan and Nermina Sarajlić. The children had the opportunity to observe the birds, discussed about facts that they have learned during the previous workshops, and there was also a painting competition and exhibition of Spring Alive – themed drawings and paintings.


Text: Nermina Sarajlić

Translation: Nermina Sarajlić

Photographs: Dražen Kotrošan

News editor: Asja Čorbo

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