7th International White Stork Census has begun
7th International White Stork Census has begun

The White Stork census in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be conducted in 2014 by Ornithological Society “Naše ptice” in cooperation with NGOs „Society for Research and Protection of Biodiversity“ from Banja Luka and “Bridge” from Gradiška. This year’s census will be organized within the 7th International White Stork Census, which is coordinated by Ornithological Society “Naše ptice” for Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aim of this action is to map the nests and the activity in them, and determine the number of young storks.

The first census data suggest a high number of destroyed nests, which were previously known as active.

All interested parties can submit their data or information about the White Stork nests to naseptice@hotmail.com


Text: Dražen Kotrošan

Translation: Nermina Sarajlić

Photographs: Nermina Sarajlić & Dražen Kotrošan

News editor: Asja Čorbo

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